Contact Charles Hall for all your equipment service needs

CHI services pressbrakes, shears, punch-presses (OBI, OBS), rollers, spot welders, and general metal processing/fabrication equipment.  He has worked with most manufacturers such as Cincinnati, Niagara, Pacific, Wysong, and Lodge & Shipley and several more.

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Distributor of PC Controls

CHI  is proud to announce that we are a distributor of PC Controls, for retro fitting, press breaks, shears and other metal working machines to a modern PC based CNC control.

For more information about these machines and the work of PC Controls, please contact CHI to assist in your services. Thank you!

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Under the deal, a higher tax rate would be imposed on income

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Aside from its role as a topping

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7 billion years has simply been an expansion or dispersion of

canada goose coats on sale We hope you look forward to Ghost Rider 6, too, as Cage has already declared he’ll keep doing this until they bury him in the nine foot tall pyramid tombstone he still owns. He says he can see himself making 150 films, like the old golden age actors. To one generation, he single handedly revolutionized acting with his performances in Raging Bull, The Deer Hunter, and Taxi Driver. canada goose coats on sale

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That when all of us realize that the ceiling wasn a ceiling

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The concerns remain acute but they have become localised

The local issues are the prime concerns the state of the roads, the repair of the culvert, the renovation of the local bus depot. The concerns remain acute but they have become localised. True, the Malayali gets greatly excited by the scandals of sex or money or sleaze involving local politicians but he is indifferent to the great scams of the darbar in Delhi 2G, CWG, etc..

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Example 3; they say they believe in self sufficiency but hate

“I was tipping away on the site with a fella down the road, just working away. I left it all too late to apply for a Masters or a PME (professional master of education) so I’m still in important site limbo. I don’t know I did an arts degree so I’ll see what happens next.

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Now that I’ve started blogging in China

Recalling his experience of choreographing for the Baadshah of Bollywood that is one of the several nicknames of Shah Rukh Khan he says, day I reached the location, I met Imtiaz sir after two long years. But to my surprise, he introduced me to Shah Rukh sir as his own choreographer. [Then] I heard the track that had to be shot and knew it would be a challenge, since it had no lyrics, initially.

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