Finally, Paul said we could canada goose clearance sale head

A PIZZA shop, chippy and newsagents have all been busted in immigration raids.Officers visited Kandola Newsagents on Station Road, Wallsend, Jayden Pizza on Wharrier Street, Walker, and Tait’s Fish and Chip Shop on Howdon Road, North Shields, on Thursday after receiving intelligence that there could be illegal workers employed at each the businesses.Beginning at Kandola Newsagent, officers entered the premises at about 4.20pm and checked the documents of staff.An Indian man, who has no legal right to live or work in the UK, was arrested. He is currently being questioned further by immigration officers.Kandola Newsagent was served with a Notice of Potential Liability for the illegal worker.The employer has 28 days to provide the UK Border Agency with evidence that the correct right to work checks were carried out or face a fine of up to The team then travelled to Jayden Pizza at 5.50pm and found two Iraqi men working illegally.The pair were stopped from working and notices were served for both workers.Finally, officers visited Tait’s Fish and Chip Shop, at around 6.35pm. A man from India was found working illegally at the business and arrested.The illegal worker is being questioned further by officers while the business was served with a Notice of Potential Liability.A spokesman for the UK Border Agency said: “We have very strict rules about working in the UK.

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canada goose coats on sale 26 in a Walgreens parking lot. As Brown walks out of the store, an officer standing by Brown’s car asks him for his driver’s license. When Brown gets close to his car’s passenger door, the officer touches Brown and he tells the officer not to touch him canada goose coats on sale.

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